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Medical Technology

History  / Who we are

Bioxel S.A. was established in 1987 led by Carlos Bonilla López, founder and president. Based on Montevideo, Uruguay, is a company with capital 100% uruguayan. For over 24 years has been representing international first-level enterprises such as Filaxis, Hill-Room, Liko, Metro, etc.

Our company seeks to improve the life quality of our country's patients, providing products of excellent quality and cutting-edge technology, with accessible prices for the uruguayan market. We offer to our representations the introduction and development of their products in our market, in the basis of our experience and the quality of our service.Achieving in this way a partnership that intends a triple benefit: for the represented company, for Bioxel and for our market in general.

Our misson is to supply high medical technology to healthcare institutions, both public and private, with the purpose of contributing with technological tools to raise our country's healthcare standards, thus improving the life quality of all uruguayans. We aim to provide more comfort to patients and improve the daily work of the healthcare team.

This is why every day we seek to work increasingly closer and together with different professionals vinculated to the field.

We are quality, we are technology, we are service.

About Uruguay  / Know more about our market

Uruguay is a country with 3.500.000 of inhabitants, in which, thanks to the new Health Integrated System, 98,2% of the population counts with healthcare1.

Is a member of UN, Mercosur, OAS, WHO and PAHO, USAN and G77, among other international entities.

The National Resources Fund finances and oversees all the high cost techniques and technology, being, according to the World Bank, one of the Latin American countries that more invests from its GDP in healthcare2.

Human resources are one of the main strong points in Uruguay on health, since according to the World Health Organization, is the second country in Latin America with more doctors per capita.

1 Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) - Encuesta Continua de Hogares (ECH), 2013.
2 World Bank indicators, 2010 -2014

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